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Maths Jam

Matt Parker started MathsJam in 2008 as an informal gathering of London maths teachers, university students, academics and people from industry who enjoyed talking about maths in the pub. MathsJams now occur on the second-last Tuesday of the month over 50 cities all around the UK and the World and there is an annual conference in November.

If you fancy talking about maths, trying some maths puzzles and sitting in a pub, then check the MathsJam website MathsJam.com for your closest gathering. If you’re in the USA you can go to Math-Jam.com for few “s”s. Contact Katie [email protected] if you’d like to start your own local MathsJam/MathJam.

All MathsJam gatherings are friendly and welcome anyone, regardless of their mathematical background (even chemists). And while a lot of people will bring new ideas, puzzles, games and maths toys, you don’t need to bring anything. Just come and join in!